About Me – Chipo Shambare the ‘Healing Bridge Builder’

Chipo Shambare - Healing Bridge Builder, Author, Speaker, Trainer, EduCoach, Counsellor

CHIPO SHAMBARE Healing Bridge Builder, Speaker, Trainer, EduCoach, Counsellor, Author

Helping YOU build bridges to your heart
by bringing intuitive coaching into YOUR Life

My job is bridge builder. No, I’m not a civil engineer! As an intuitive counsellor, coach, speaker and facilitator, I use my own brand of heart-centred intuitive coaching to build healing bridges between you and your past, you and your present, you and your future, and you and your outer and inner worlds. That’s a lot of bridge building!

My background

I am the product of my ancestors, especially my paternal  grandmother and my Uncle Sketchly in Zimbabwe. From them, I grew up with a connection to the spiritual world. I then went on to learn therapies that care for the body and that release the inner powers found in each of us.

Her own life has been a journey of silent and private struggles that have given strength and integrity to her soul, her mind, and her heart.   — Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

My education, medical training, and wanderlust took me from Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom and finally to Canada, where I now make my home. I will always be a citizen of Planet Earth.

My practice

My early life was dominated by two themes: the spiritual aspects that guided my life and the sense of never being good enough for the people around me. Both these themes led me down a journey of self discovery that I can share with you in my keynotes, workshops, coaching sessions and book, I Am Good Enough for Me. Using my medical background and multi-disciplinary training in matters of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, I apply my knowledge and intuition to help you heal and become whole again.

My credentials

My inter-disciplinary training gives me the knowledge to treat you as a whole person. I am a certified intuitive counselor through Dr. Caroline Myss and Dr. Norm Shealy’s American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition (ABSMI). My medical background includes nursing,midwifery, and massage therapy using many manual and energy as a medicine. My counselling background includes being a  New Decision Therapy (NDT™) practitioner, a certified seminar leader, and an ordained minister.

My clients

I’ve had the pleasure of working for many fine businesses and organizations. Here’s a partial list:

  • John Young Middle School, Mishawaka, Indiana, USA
  • Juvenile Justice, South Bend, Indiana, USA
  • One Star Insite Multicultural Event, South Bend, Indiana, USA
  • Spiritualist Church of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Unity Church of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • University of Ottawa Music Department, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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